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All About Ganache Guide by Sally Cooper Cake Artist

All About Ganache Guide by Sally Cooper Cake Artist

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With 10 years experience in the cake decorating industry, and 3 years solely finishing my cakes in ganache, I'm so excited that my long awaited guide to all things ganache is finally here! This extensive, 42 page pdf contains all you need to know about making and working with white chocolate ganache when it comes to cake decorating. 

Ganache has so many amazing properties that make it such a wonderful medium to work with. It is more stable than any type of buttercream meaning it can withstand warmer temperatures, it produces a flawless, sharp finish to your cakes and it is absolutely delicious! I can't wait for you to fall in love with it.

What's included:

The guide covers:

What is ganache? - A little look into the science and history behind it.

Why ganache? - What makes ganache so great for covering a cake with and why do I love it so much.

How to make ganache - My recipe and method on how to make white chocolate ganache plus quantity tables to help calculate the amounts of chocolate and cream needed for different sized cakes and lots of helpful tips on when to make it and why.

Melting down ganache - Learn how to carefully heat your ganache to soften it. Find out why I use this method and what consistencies you need for various applications

How to cover a cake - An indepth step by step guide with photos, on how to add a crumb coat and top coat of white chocolate ganache on a cake as well as what tools are needed to do so.

Colouring ganache - Learn about what products are best to use when colouring or whitening your ganache and some tips and tricks on creating deep or muted shades.

Vegan ganache - My recipe and method on how to make vegan white chocolate ganache

Troubleshooting - Find out what causes ganache to crack, split or drag and what you can do to prevent it from happening and how to fix it.

FAQ's - Find the answer to all your questions on ganache and much more.

Who is it for?

It is perfect for those who are just starting out on their baking journey and want to learn about ganache and using it as a final finish, those who have maybe dabbled before but want to make the switch from buttercream or those who want to work with fondant but want to learn how to create a flawlass ganache underlayer.

Disclaimer - intellectual property and copyright

A lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into creating this guide for you to help you on your quest to make and work with ganache. Please respect that all materials in this course are the Intellectual Property of Sally Cooper Cake Artist and are protected by copyright. The guide is purely for your personal use and reference ONLY.

Reproducing, republishing or distriputing this material in part or in whole is a serious breach of copyright and terms and conditions of Sally Cooper Cake Artist and has serious legal consequences. This includes but is not limited to sharing pdf files or screenshots of Sally Cooper Cake Artist's written materials on public forums such as websites, social media, facebook groups etc and private platforms such as emails, texts etc.

Customers found to have violated our copyright and Terms and Conditions will be persued legally. The LEARN with Sally Cooper Cake Artist community is a safe, respectful, supportive and inspiring environement. We would love fo you to be a part of this, not against it.

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