We understand that life's unexpected events can sometimes disrupt your attendance at our live demonstrations, and we recognise that it often takes multiple viewings for information to truly sink in.

Thankfully, we have a convenient solution for you. By paying a small additional fee, you can gain access to the recording of the demonstration, allowing you to watch it at your own pace for two-week following the live event.

This way, you can rewatch the invaluable content and ensure that you don't miss out on the complete experience.

  • Recordings can only be purchased in addition to the LIVE demonstration and will not be sold separately

  • All recordings will have a limited access of 2 weeks following the scheduled demonstration - this allows us to keep the pricing as low as possible whilst allowing you to rewatch the demonstration as many times as required during this period.

    At the end of the 2 weeks, the recording link will expire and you will no longer have access to the recordings

  • If the recording of a demonstration is available to purchase, when booking the demonstration simply select: LIVE demonstration AND limited access RECORDING

  • If you purchase the recording you will receive an email including the link to the recording and password for access, within 48 hours of the scheduled LIVE demonstration

  • Recordings are accessible via the Vimeo streaming platform, so will require internet connection to view

  • While recordings are available for purchase on most products, we
    highly recommend that you participate in the LIVE demonstration to fully immerse yourself in the experience and maximise the value of your purchase.

    The live demonstrations offer additional engagement opportunities that enhance your understanding and enjoyment.