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Charlotte's Luxury Taster Box - PDF Step by Step Guide

Charlotte's Luxury Taster Box - PDF Step by Step Guide

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This guide will walk you through the step by step processes Charlotte uses to create her Luxury taster Boxes, along with an equipment list of where she purchases all of my equipment.

This 15 page downloadable PDF guide is ideal for anyone looking to develop or streamline their tasters to provide a high end service to their wedding clients.

Contents includes:

  • How to decide on the right size cake to bake
  • The step by step process of how she fills and portion her tasters (including size measurements)
  • How she packagesand ships her luxury tasters
  • How to charge for tasters
  • A full equipment list with links to where she sources all that is required for her taster boxes

PLEASE NOTE: This guide does not include cake batter quantities or recipes.

However, It does include an example of cake batter quantity calculations if you are using any of CHARLOTTE'S recipes, purchased from her website HERE

Disclaimer: This equipment list is based on UK suppliers - the guide will still be of use to those outside of the UK however they may need to source their equipment from alternative suppliers

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